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I need to capture product data from a site on a regular basis and wondered if any one knows of a good software program? I've trialed Mozenda but its a monthly subscription and pricey in the long term. Obviously something thats free would be best but I don't mind paying either. Just need a decent program thats reliable and doesn't require much programming knowledge.

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You can try if you know python.

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Scraperwiki now also allows use of PHP and Ruby. – Jonathan Deamer Nov 29 '11 at 17:23

I've experimented with Screen-Scraper and found it easy to use. The application comes in multiple versions: basic (which is free), professional, and enterprise. Also, multiple platforms are supported.

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This (free version) works great. Just want to add, it supports Java, Javascript, and Python. The only issue I have noticed so far is that if your internet connection is lossy, then it might skip over some pages without telling you! That said, the script you write should identify if you skipped over pages. – krikara Aug 6 '14 at 4:01

I really like iMacros. You can give it a test drive to see if it meets your needs with the totally free Firefox extension (there's also IE versions), but there are also more full featured application and "server" versions that have more features and ability to do thing in an unattended manner.

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Here are some other alternatives to consider:

  1. License the data from the provider. Call em up and ask 'em.

  2. Use Amazon Mechanical Turk to get humans to copy and paste and format it for ya. They are cheap.

  3. For automation, it depends on how complicated the HTML is and how often it changes. You could use Excel's Web Data Import if it's really simple.

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You can use irobot from IRobotSoft, which is totally free, and provides more functionalityies than other paid software. Watch demos here for how simple it is.

Questions on their forum were answered very quickly.

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This irobotsoft is fantastic and very simple to use, thanks. – adudley Dec 8 '11 at 14:55

Hire a programmer to do it so that there is only a one off cost. I often see similar projects on freelancing websites like Elance and oDesk.

share|improve this answer is free and open source, available on github.

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You can try my software FMiner, I've developed it over 5 years, it can record macros and simulate human actions(click, fill...) on pages, here's some tutorial videos to show how to use it. Welcome evaluate it!

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I would definitely suggest looking at YQL from Yahoo (

It uses markup to define the structure of the webpage, then lets you run queries against it to extract data. It's a pretty neat idea, with lots of actively maintained markup structures for scraping popular sites.

share|improve this answer lets you web scrape sites by writing a simple url.

for example to scrape all the questions from stackoverflow you would write the following into your browser address bar.{}{Printing the data and placement of tree elements}*

What the url does:

  1. Go to
  2. Get all the links like the example provided ("Printing the data...")
  3. Extract the question text into 'ask' column and asker's username into 'username'
  4. Download extracted data .csv file from
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Ugh, this site says it is still in Early Beta and won't let me sign up :/ – krikara Aug 6 '14 at 2:15

You could try the GrabzIt Screen Scraper tool, it has a wizard but for more advanced scraping you can use the inbuilt JavaScript instruction set.

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Have a look at Visual Web Ripper. It cost you some money but I think it's worth it.

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You can try UiPath Studio to address all your scraping issues. The product is built on top of a very powerful SDK dedicated to scraping and UI automation. It comes with a Web Scraping wizard perfect for extracting structured data from web pages. If the data you need to scrape is not structured, then I recommend you use the Screen Scraping wizard. This extraction can be done even in background or in a hidden IE browser. You can easily develop workflows in the IDE and afterwards execute them separately or integrate them in your application.

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Have you tried Kimono Labs? It's free and pretty quick to set up with an intuitive UI. Kimono basically lets you scrape sites by training an API with CSS selectors created through a point and click interface. It does allow for batch url crawling, pagination, attribute selection, scheduled crawls, etc. and has a bunch of built in integrations.

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Visual web ripper is one of the best scraping tool,AM using these tool for the past 5 years to scrap online data's

share|improve this answer is web based web scrapper, currently it have limited features, but its good to scrap a list of data. (example: scrap the list of questions and its autors of

I like to add features like pagination, scheuler, regex support, scrap using html class, id ...

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No longer available – slott Jan 22 '15 at 12:49

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