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I am using this script

convert "$1" -morphology Convolve DoG:15,100,0 -negate -normalize -blur 0x1 -channel RBG -level 60%,91%,0.1 "$2"

On one of the input it gave this result- input 1 output 1

while on the other example it gave- input 2 output 2

What could I change to get clean up the green board image I have like the whiteboard one?

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You'll need to adjust the channel/level correction. Something like 50%,81%,0.1. Also switch the -morphology to EdgeIn Octagon. Adjusting the blur & maybe switch colorspace at the end could help.

convert "$1" \
        -morphology EdgeIn Octagon \
        -negate -normalize -blur 0x2 \
        -channel RGB -level 50%,81%,0.1 \
        -colorspace Gray \

Blackboard Imagemagick

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Thanks for the answer. I have few doubts though. Why did you put colorspace as gray ? Can I do this while preserving the original colours (In the original script the colour is preserved) ? Do you have any suggestions for preserving the smoothness of the edges? They seem thicker. – Shivendra Apr 28 '14 at 14:16
I just want to make them more readable and cleaner. – Shivendra Apr 28 '14 at 14:17
No need for the colorspace, completely optional. The thickness was increased by adjusting the blur. Checkout the usage documentation on Morphology for great examples on preserving the edges. – emcconville Apr 28 '14 at 14:20

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