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Microphones in ActionScript 3.0 have a property called enhancedOptions, which in turn has a property called isVoiceDetected. The documentation for isVoiceDetected describes it in the following way:

Indicates whether the Microphone input detected a voice.

Possible values are: -1, not enabled; 0, a voice is not detected; 1, a voice is detected.

It also states that it can be set publicly. The fact that this is not a read-only property, at least in the public interface, doesn't seem to make any sense. And building on top of that, it's not very clear at all what setting that property is going to do. One question which immediately comes to mind is whether any value that you personally set for that property is just going to be instantaneously overwritten by the Microphone object, and when I set up a little bit of code to test for this possibility, that's the behavior it seemed to exhibit.

When setting this property yourself, is there ever any persistence of that value? Does it ever change anything about what the microphone is actually doing? Does it ever have any effect whatsoever, and if so, what might that be? Thanks.

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