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I have data that has been subjected to one of two treatments (solution added or not) and is in a random block design. I have 8 blocks (numbered 1-8) but in the aov, df=1. R didn't recognise there were 8, so I lettered them (B1, B2 etc). Now there is no F value or p value in the two-way aov, although now the df=7.


soilaov <- aov(Si.arc.leaf~Block*Treatment, data=soilbd)


                `Df`    `Sum Sq`   `Mean Sq` `F value` `Pr(>F)`

Block            `1` `5.174e-05` `5.174e-05`   `3.941` `0.0705 .`

Treatment        `1` `2.526e-05` `2.526e-05`   `1.924` `0.1907`  
Block:Treatment  `1` `7.310e-06` `7.310e-06`   `0.557` `0.4699`  
Residuals       `12` `1.576e-04` `1.313e-05`


soilaov <- aov(Si.arc.leaf~Block*Treatment, data=soilbd)


                `Df`    `Sum Sq`   `Mean Sq`
Block            `7` `1.647e-04` `2.352e-05`

Treatment        `1` `2.526e-05` `2.526e-05`

Block:Treatment  `7` `5.193e-05` `7.419e-06`
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?summary.aov says that the additional columns will only be provided if there are residual degrees of freedom - from your original output (when you where regressing on a numerical Treatment) you had residual degrees of freedom, but summing them makes it seem you have no replication in your design with which to estimate standard errors once you have taken the interaction into account. – Gavin Kelly Apr 28 '14 at 14:05
for this design I think it would be appropriate to leave out the block by treatment interaction, i.e. use Block+Treatment, because R will then use the interaction mean square (i.e. the Block:Treatment) term as the residual variance/error term. If you generate the ANOVA table from that model, I think you should get the appropriate F statistics for Block and Treatment (e.g. approx 3.39=2.42e-5/7.42e-6 for Treatment) – Ben Bolker Apr 28 '14 at 15:20
I've just tried it with Block+Treatment and it works! Thanks for replying so quickly Gavin and Ben. Erin – user3581535 Apr 28 '14 at 15:56

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