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I'm looking for an Application Lifecycle Management tool for a team with about 15 employees. It should provide the following features:


  • Multi-user network system
  • dashboard for each user
  • should be suitable for Scrum
  • multiple projects

Issue tracker

  • separation of bugs, enhancements and new features
  • Issues should have: category, severity, status, description, file attachments, assignees, estimated time, needed time, progress
  • dependencies between issues
  • order by priority
  • hierarchical structure of issues and projects with accumulated key performance indicators depending on the hierarchy level (for example progress of a sub-project)

Product/Release Management

  • may be this could be simply treated as a project


  • user management with access control
  • working hours per employee, holidays
  • hourly rate per employee

Test management

  • create test cases
  • track test results (manual testing)


  • overview of all projects with progress and costs etc.
  • resource monitoring

Change Management

Any recommendations?

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Have a look at (intersection of Top ALM Tools and Solutions Providers and Scrum tools I'm aware of):

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Would it also be an alternative to connect and integrate different tools for each task? Because then you can take the best tool for the particular job. What youre describing however is rather one that fits for all situations and tasks on a medium level. Such integrated solutions would be the ones, listed in the Wikipedia article "Application Lifecycle Management" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_lifecycle_management#Categories_of_ALM_tools

Cheers M.

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I would sugest Visual Studio ALM. It offers the full stack at a reasnoble price. Free if you have MSDN and at minimal cost if you are doing Java development. When you look at the Rational toolset pricing things become rather crazy.

The new Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 template are designed by Ken and includes a 1-1 Scrum mapping.

All the data collected ends up in a data warehouse that you can query however you like.


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This full open source ALM (tuleap) http://www.enalean.com/en/tuleap is a good start. The only thing is that it requires CentOS 5.x (linux), that can be installed in virtualbox.

Full list of requirements:

++ tuleap (Free):https://tuleap.net/wiki/index.php?pagename=TuleapInstallationChecklist&group_id=101 ++ Centos (Free OS)
++ Virtualbox (Free)

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Tuleap is a good choice, but I don't recommand running it on a virtualbox for a production environment. Virtualbox is more fit for dev. –  Aryess Jul 17 '14 at 9:20

ScrumWorks basic is a pretty good free, agile, application mangement tool. You might need to integrate a number of tools to get all the features you want for free. For example, there are many standalone bug trackers.

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