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I have two coffeescript files, the first have these lines:

jQuery(document).ready ($) ->
   dispatcher.bind "createuserchannel", (channelid) ->
     root = (exports ? this)
     root.channel_user = dispatcher.subscribe(channelid)

and the latter these:

jQuery(document).ready ($) ->
 root = (exports ? this)
 console.log root.channel_user

I don't know why but in the Chrome console when i write Object.keys(window) the channel_user appears as a global variable but if i try to access it from Javascript only gets Undefined

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Well, how are you trying to access it from JavaScript? –  minitech Apr 28 at 15:34
@minitech In the console with "window.channel_user" and in my code with "root.user_channel" –  Crazy Barney Apr 28 at 15:36
Yeah, that’s because user_channel and channel_user are not the same –  minitech Apr 28 at 15:40
@minitech sorry, the hurry, i've corrected. –  Crazy Barney Apr 28 at 15:43
What’s dispatcher? Are you sure that this is the global object inside its callback? –  minitech Apr 28 at 15:45

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Inside callbacks to jQuery events (such as your second case), jQuery sets this to the object that fired the event (in this case, document). You have two options that I see:

First, you could explicitly use window. Its not clear whether this would fit your use-case.

root = (exports ? window)

Second, you could use the CoffeeScript fat arrow to retain the this from the outer scope. Note that if you're depending on the other this behavior anywhere else in that function, this will cause trouble.

jQuery(document).ready ($) =>

I would assume the same is going on in your second case, but without knowing exactly what dispatcher is, its impossible to know for sure.

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Ty for the answer, I've tried with your solutions but didn't work, I don't know why but everything i try to assign as a globar variable inside the dispatcher function give me the same issue. –  Crazy Barney Apr 29 at 23:08
@CrazyBarney Maybe the problem is where you're accessing the variables? I assume this is in a browser (not node.js), right? That would require a slightly different solution. –  Aaron Dufour Apr 30 at 3:26
yes, it's in the browser. –  Crazy Barney Apr 30 at 8:23
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The dispatcher.bind is an asynchronous function so at the time I access the variable from this function:

jQuery(document).ready ($) ->
 root = (exports ? this)
 console.log root.channel_user

channel_user is still not assigned. To solve the problem i've added this line:

jQuery(document).ready ($) ->
     dispatcher.bind "createuserchannel", () ->
      root = (exports ? this)
      console.log root.channel_user

In this way root.channel_user will be called only when channel_user has been setted.

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