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I want to update existing object in the Model. But I am using form_invalid(self, form) for this.

class SomeClassView(UpdateView):
    model = Some
    form_class = SomeForm
    template_name = 'some.html'

    def form_invalid(self, form):
        return HttpResponseRedirect(self.request.POST['redirect_url'])

url(r'^edit/(?P<pk>\d+)/$', SomeclassView.as_view(), name='edit'),

I create new objects in my model the same way in my other class, but however I cant update it and I get this error:

AttributeError at /edit/1/
'Some' object has no attribute 'update'
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It's because get() does not return a queryset. Instead, it returns an instance of the model.

Try replacing




Read the Queryset API reference for more info.

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thanks, worked like a charm –  skzd Apr 28 at 17:10

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