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I would like to create something very simple, its gonna change the clocks view from digital numbers/analog clock animation, to words. however I cannot seem to find out how to accsses those views on the oparating system progrematically. basicaly i need to find a way to accsses the main action bar clock, and the lock screen clock, and change them to words (based on the time), i never tried creating widgets, just apps, is this the answer? anyone have any idea?

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Your question (and the title too) is misleading. You are not trying to change the existing clocks. You want to make a widget with your own clock, which has to be a "word clock". I suggest you to rephrase your question and the title too. –  Der Golem Apr 28 '14 at 16:19

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This is not possible without some hook into those apps that control those views.

If you dont care what the requirements are, you can create an XPOSED module for rooted android devices that could have this end result.


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