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I've been using Chrome for a good while now, and you have to explicitly enable souce map support in the options.

I'm testing something in Firefox now with Firebug, but I'm not seeing my original source files - just the generated bundle.

Is there some way to enable source map support in Firebug? I'm using Firebug 1.12.8 in Firefox 27.0.1.

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Firebug doesn't support source maps yet (as of 1.12.8).

You may want to follow issue 5765 for source maps support for JavaScript and issue 5961 for CSS.

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In opposite to the other devtools Firebug is maintained by a handful of volunteer contributors, so resources are somewhat limited. But it's open source, so you may want to help the team by providing a patch for that. –  Sebastian Zartner Apr 28 at 23:17
Maybe I will, thanks –  B T Apr 28 at 23:30
In the mean time you can use sourcemaps in Firefox's style editor. New in Firefox 29. hacks.mozilla.org/2014/02/… –  Quentin Campbell May 27 at 10:43
The issue for CSS source maps has now been moved to 7419 –  Adam Aug 15 at 13:54

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