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I want to print the text at a specified line number from a file.

Here is my bash script

sed -n "$line{p;q;}"

My line number comes in a variable. But the above code is not working. What should I do?

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You have to give the file name as an argument to sed.

sed -n "$line{p;q;}" filename

If you are passing the filename as an argument to a bash script, you need to use:

sed -n "$line{p;q;}" "$1"
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Fast sed command (useful for bigger files) is:

n=12; sed $n'q;d' file
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Using sed

sed -n "${line}p" my_file

# Multiple lines
sed -n "${line1},${line2}p" my_file

In awk:

awk "NR==${line}" my_file

# Multiple lines
awk "NR >= ${line1} && NR <= ${line2}" my_file

Or using head and tail but probably not as efficient:

head -${line} my_file | tail -1

# Multiple lines    
head -${line2} my_file | tail -$(($line2-$line1+1))
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