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I have this slider:


It's working fine in all browsers, except on IE9 (in IE8 it works also). I'm using SVG in my html code.

Please, can anyone help me? Thanks!

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It seems foreignObject is broken in IE9. See here for another person with the same problem:

alternative to foreignObject for IE9

Why are you using foreignObject anyway?

   <foreignObject style="mask: url(#mask);" height="185px" width="250px">        
      <img src="http://patrickkirkby.com/files/images/gallery/thumb_001.jpg">

should be able to be replaced with with:

<svg xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink">
   <image xlink:href="http://patrickkirkby.com/files/images/gallery/thumb_001.jpg"
          style="mask: url(#mask)" height="185px" width="250px">

and this should work in IE.

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