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I have a primefaces commandButton outside of a data table which functions properly. Inside a dataTable, I have the exact same commandButton, but when the one inside the dataTable is clicked, it doesn't call the actionListener:

        <p:messages autoUpdate="true" showDetail="true" closable="true"/>
        <p:accordionPanel >  
            <p:tab title="Visualize data">
                <p:commandButton value="Add Domain" actionListener="#{TripleStoreController.addDomain('Domain')}"
                        <p:commandButton value="Add Domain" actionListener="#{TripleStoreController.addDomain('Domain')}"
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I copied and pasted your code into a webpage and created a backing bean with that method and property, and both buttons work, so I'm not sure what is going on with your case. I am using PrimeFaces 4.0, JSF Mojarra 2.2.1, and GlassFish EL 2.2. Do you get any error messages on the datatable button? – LucasP Apr 28 '14 at 19:00
@LucasP I did not get an error message associated with the datatable button. – Nick Apr 29 '14 at 0:31

it should be work. there is no error, i had just copy and and make back bean for the same method TripleStoreController.addDomain('Domain') in my java class the method signature like public void addDomain(String s) and method worked. even i got the value pass by command button as 'Domain' in my back bean.

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