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I've got two problems with EasyPHP (probably related).

1) If I create the database in PhpMyAdmin I can't see it in the navigation panel or in the "Database" page. the database exists because I can make query on it and it conflicts with other CREATE instructions (using the same name). I supposed it was a configuration (permission?) problem so...

2) Going to tray icon, right click on easyPHP icon, then "Configuration->PhpMyAdmin" I obtain "Object not found" error for the URL

I use win8.

Thank you.

EDIT: I tried to update to PhpMyAdmin 4.1.12, but nothing happened.

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It looks more like an issue with the use of a program, then an actual programming issue? –  Nanne Apr 28 at 18:48
@Nanne, yes, but the forum of easyPHP does not exist anymore, so I have to ask here for assistence (see easyphp.org/forums). –  ufo Apr 28 at 21:50

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I finally found the solution! In config.inc.php configuration file, I changed this line:

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['hide_db'] = '(mysql|information_schema|performance_schema|test|phpmyadmin)';


$cfg['Servers'][$i]['hide_db'] = '^(mysql|information_schema|performance_schema|test|phpmyadmin)$';

Now it works fine!

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