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This query shows error on execution:

SELECT City,Company 
  FROM invoicelist 
 WHERE Company='Filmfare'
  AND City='Ahmedabad' AND size= 20;

I created this table using this create statement:

create table invoicelist(
    "city" varchar(20),
    "company" varchar(20), 
    "month" varchar(20),
    "size" varchar(20), 
    "des" varchar(500)
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If you quote identifiers with " they become case sensitive.

So either you

select "city"  ....

or you create your table without "

create table invoicelist(
  city     varchar(20),
  company  varchar(20), 
  month    varchar(20),
  size     varchar(20), 
  des      varchar(500)

BTW, may I recommend you use varchar2 instead of varchar?

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thanx but using the above create statement it gives : ORA-00904: : invalid identifier –  user3582737 May 5 '14 at 19:03

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