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I know that in some cases I have to provide a type annotation for something that's an isString instance, but I'm not entirely sure where and why I have to do it.

I have a form that I want to render with Bootstrap3 per the following documentation

In my form, if I just leave it as bootstrapSubmit "Register", I will get the following:

No instance for (Data.String.IsString msg0)
  arising from the literal `"Register"'
The type variable `msg0' is ambiguous

If I change it to (bootstrapSubmit ("add" :: BootstrapSubmit Text)), it does compile. How come it doesn't work for me like the documentation shows?

Here is some other examples I'm confused about:

The bfs function, which I wanted to use as follows in my form:

    areq intField (bfs "Weight") Nothing

to get my fields to get the extra form-control class. Same story with No instance for... Changing it to areq intField (bfs ("Weight"::Text)) Nothing fixes the type problem.

Why doesn't this work for me as advertised without the type-annotations?

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Have you tried adding the OverloadedStrings pragma, like at the top of the Bootstrap3 module? – ms. Apr 28 '14 at 21:50
I just tried adding it in but it didn't help, same error. I was under the impression though that OverloadedStrings is active pretty much everywhere in my project, just like TemplateHaskell and various other extensions. – rafalio Apr 28 '14 at 23:08

The msg in bootstrapSubmit msg or bfs msg must be a renderable msg, instance of class RenderMessage.

    :: (RenderMessage site msg, HandlerSite m ~ site, MonadHandler m)
    => BootstrapSubmit msg -> AForm m ()

bfs :: RenderMessage site msg => msg -> FieldSettings site

This can be

  • a String literal with type Text (in-code messages are not a good policy) - OverloadedStrings should work here.
  • a localizable I18 msg constructor of the form MsgMyMessage where MyMessage must have an entry in the file messages/en.msg
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