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After some running of profiles on mobile vs. desktop, I found that Chrome/Firefox can get the offsetWidth of an element after a reflow in ~20-30 ms, but on Mobile Chrome it takes at 10 times as long, if not longer.

Is this a function of slower CPU on mobile devices, or is it a browser-specific problem? Applications with unavoidable reflows (e.g. ones that rely on adding or removing an element from the dom and then recalculating a scroll bar) are extremely slow on mobile devices, so it would be interesting to know whether this is a hardware or a software problem.

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Based on a single device (~600Mhz single core, Android) and some tests with animations on canvas elements, I'd expect it's a simple function of cpu speed. Performance is roughly 10% of the pc, which is in line with the difference in their computational abilities. –  enhzflep Apr 29 at 0:10

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