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i´m a novice in the Subsonic, and i have a isseu about the way how it work´s.

When subsonic generate de .cs file for default the name of the classes comes in LowerCase. I have edited the MySql template using the funciton "ToTitleCase()" it´s resolved a peace of my problem, if my table name is Products i´ts ok, but if is that a composite name like ProductsType the class name comes "Productstype".

I see the Columns names comes exactly same Case like it´s in the Database.

So i could not found where in the template code I have to do the modification that the names of the class comes like the table name.(in same Case Sensitive)

Any ideas for that ?

Many Thanks

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Apologies, I may be wrong on this as I use the vb.net rather than c# subsonic templates but hunt down the function CleanUp within settings.ttinclude.

Here you should be able to do a replace on the tableName passed in to the case of your liking using a switch statement. Hopefully you don't have too many!

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hahaha Thanks for your answer CResults, yeah i´m luck because I not have many tables to do replace, so i want find where the code pass the names to LowerCase, because i do not want make this Swicth everytime. –  Myr0 Feb 25 '10 at 17:19

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