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I am wondering what the following snippets code means. Specifically the section: "Of EntityType As {BusinessEntity, New})". I'm a little new to VB inheritance so some of the syntax is a little foregn to me. I understand that a base class is being used to add functionality to all business objects that inherit from it but the syntax is throwing me off a bit. Is there a name for this design pattern?

Public Class AppObjectBase(Of EntityType As {BusinessEntity, New})
    Inherits BusinessObject(Of EntityType)

Public Class NavTreeObj
    Inherits NavTree(Of NavTreeEntity)
End Class

Public Class NavTree(Of EntityType As {NavTreeEntity, New})
    Inherits AppObjectBase(Of EntityType)
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possible duplicate of Visual basic (Of T, or Of V) –  O. R. Mapper Apr 28 at 23:15
@O.R.Mapper I believe that this question stands apart since although it is referring to generic programming, I was uncertain as to what {BusinessEntity, New} actually means. –  eniacAvenger Apr 29 at 14:19

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Do you know what the Of EntityType part on its own means? If not then you should read about generic types. As for the As {BusinessEntity, New} part, that means that EntityType must either be or inherit from the BusinessEntity type and it must also have a parameterless constructor. By specifying those constraints on the generic type parameter, you are able to access members of the BusinessEntity type and also invoke the constructor to create new instances within the method.

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Thanks @jmcilhinney, I am familiar with generic programming so your answer makes sense to me. –  eniacAvenger Apr 29 at 14:12

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