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Our app uses the GCKMediaControlChannel control media playback on the receiver.

The initial media load request is honored, the media plays to completion - however any subsequent request to load media ends in an error with the loadMedia: method returning kGCKInvalidRequestID

NSInteger requestId = [self loadMedia:mediaInformation autoplay:autoplay playPosition:0]; if (requestId == kGCKInvalidRequestID) { WARN(@"WARN loadMedia: the message could not be sent"); return NO ; // All subsequent requests go here } else { return YES ; // The first request to load media goes here }

This looks like a situation where the GCKMediaControlChannel control channel might be out sync? We looked closely at the state of the Media Channel on the sender side and everything looks in order, with the sender acknowledging an "IDLE" status after the first media completes playback.

Not sure where else to look, the doc simply says of the loadMedia: method return value:

The request ID, or kGCKInvalidRequestID if the message could not be sent.

Any clues as to what could possibly cause a kGCKInvalidRequestID to be returned by loadMedia:?

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Could you NSLog the log output, and see if there is anything in there which clarifies? – Ian Barber Dec 5 '14 at 19:34
Do you make intermediate requests? Maybe there is another request (even of another type, like requestStatus) that is being processed in that moment, so the channel is busy. – ana 01 Dec 11 '14 at 10:01

At least in my case, a conflict with the player state is what caused the GCKMediaControlChannel to return kGCKInvalidRequestID.

Unfortunately I can't remember the exact details, but I know that after going through the first media, the player was in a state not compatible with loading a new media, hence the error. In other words, the issue had nothing to do with the state of the GCKMediaControlChannel, and everything to do with the state of the cast.receiver.MediaManager in the receiver.

Hope that helps someone!

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