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I have created an App using OSM map. The app is working fine, but the route from my current location to the destination is showing up as a straight line and not through any roads.

The method I am using:

public void addRouteOverlay(GeoPoint startPoint, GeoPoint endPoint) {
            // road manager
            RoadManager roadManager = new OSRMRoadManager();

            // start and end points
            ArrayList<GeoPoint> waypoints = new ArrayList<GeoPoint>();
            // GeoPoint endPoint = new GeoPoint(48.4, -1.9);
            // roadManager.addRequestOption("routeType=bicycle");
            // retreive the road between those points
            Road road = roadManager.getRoad(waypoints);
            if (road.mStatus != Road.STATUS_OK){
                  Log.d("Road Status", ""+road.mStatus);
            // Polyline with the route shape
            org.osmdroid.bonuspack.overlays.Polyline roadOverlay = RoadManager
                    .buildRoadOverlay(road, this);
            // Polyline to the overlays of your map
            // Refresh the map

The way I am calling the method:

//to display route between current location and destination
                addRouteOverlay(new GeoPoint(location.getLatitude(),
                        location.getLongitude()), new GeoPoint(22.566039700000000000,

What should I do get the desired route between my location and destination?

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Did you check road.mStatus or the log? Is road an actual route consisting of more than your two points? –  scai Apr 29 at 9:25
I am getting Road Status(14367): 2 –  kittu88 Apr 29 at 9:34
And my other question? Can you see the full request to OSRM in your log? Try to execute it in your browser. –  scai Apr 29 at 10:59
No I can not see the full request. How do I check that? –  kittu88 Apr 29 at 11:29
when I use this: if (road.mStatus != Road.STATUS_OK){ Log.d("Error", ""+road.mStatus); } I am getting an error in the logcat: 04-29 17:12:19.348: E/BONUSPACK(3529): OSRMRoadManager::getRoad: request failed. 04-29 17:12:19.348: D/Road Status(3529): 2 –  kittu88 Apr 29 at 11:39

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