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Hello I have recently submitted an App to Apple but got rejected.

Reasons Abandoned Batch

We found that while you have submitted In App Purchase products for your app, the In App Purchase functionality is not present in your binary. If you would like to utilize In App Purchase in your app, you will need to upload a new binary that incorporates the In App Purchase API to enable users to make a purchase Once you revise and resubmit your binary, you will also need to resubmit your In App Purchases for review since they are in the state Developer Action Required. For each IAP product submitted, please be sure to edit the detail information or cancel the request to change the detail information for the In App Purchases using iTunes Connect.

I felt that the rejected reason is too vague and I couldn't pin point what exactly they are rejecting me for.

Here are some information that might help:

  • The app is developed using Unity3D and Prime31 Plugin

  • I have created InApp product entries in iTunesConnect, filled in the In App Products section in together with the app binary submission.

  • Based on records on our server, tester did successfully purchase a product
 and we have the receipts from that transaction.

  • I also included directions on how to purchase the product in our app.

  • I have asked apple for clarification but they have yet to reply.

Have anyone else faced this before, if yes, what were the actual reason that you got rejected and did you manage to solve it?

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It seems like they couldn't find the opportunity to buy anything themselves OR they've check for the presence of InAppPurchase API in the app libraries and they didn't found it. Anyway, if you are able to successfully purchase a product it is rather first option. Maybe they were testing it without proper attention? Or maybe your purchasing options are not that easy to find? Or maybe you have submitted wrong build accidentally? :) – kreys Apr 29 '14 at 7:40
Hi kreys, In my case, the tester did make the purchase, and we have the receipt. On"they've check for the presence of InAppPurchase API in the app libraries and they didn't found it" how do I make sure that my app has the presence of InAppPurchase API? Im assuming that if I can successfully purchase an item from applestore using my app, then my app is using the abovementioned API. Is this not so? "maybe your purchasing options are not that easy to find? -> ill clarify that with them "maybe you have submitted wrong build accidentally?" -> im fairly certain its the correct build – Stucko Apr 29 '14 at 7:51
That is exactly what I think too. If you're certainly sure that build that you're submitting is capable of doing transactions, then it seems like a wrong review, especially with their arguments. – kreys Apr 29 '14 at 7:54
As suggested by @kreys suggested, was a wrong review. Tester could not find the functionality (it requires a few clicks to be able to get to that page). As with other apple rejection from other posts, It could just be the tester's slight. In our case, it passed after 2 resubmissions (2 different testers I assume). – Stucko Jun 11 '14 at 7:10
That's a good news that it finally passed. And as a tip for you, maybe you can add an easier way for people to find payments? :) – kreys Jun 11 '14 at 7:33

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You could check if you followed the Prime31 review tips:

IMPORTANT: DO NOT upload the development binary to iTunes Connect until the application is ready for App Review approval. If the binary is present in iTunes Connect, App Review will review the binary and likely reject the development binary. Testing In App Purchase will fail if you or App Review reject your most recent binary in iTunes Connect. The workaround in this case is to upload a binary without In App Purchase features that can get approved by App Review. Once the binary is approved, resume testing the binary with In App Purchase features.

They're also linking a walkthrough guide, with some special notes: In App Purchases: A Full Walkthrough

Important Note: this article says to upload your binary to iTunes Connect and reject it. Do not upload your binary! You should only upload a binary to iTunes Connect when it is ready for review and release.

So, I would check the binary submitted to iTunes Connect.

Here's full link to Prime31 comments on their IAP plugin: StoreKit plugin

Hope that reviewing these steps will help you.

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thanks kreys for the reminders, followed those steps, resubmitted and still, they reject our app based on the same reasons. – Stucko May 7 '14 at 4:26

I already face this issue please verify your meta data.
In meta data check the "Demo Account" is not already subscribed.

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