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I have a problem, and I can not solve it for several days. My simple code (dll file):

public static string RegisterUser(string table, string l, string p)
    string query = "INSERT INTO " + table + "(login, password) VALUES ('" + l + "','" + p + "');";
    return query;

Everything works fine, but when I want to write the data received on the network, it does not return the full string, for example

string recieveStr = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(connection.Buffer); //received text: RegUser:nipercop:passwrd
string[] strArr = recieveStr.Split(':');
if (strArr[0].Equals("RegUser"))
    // string p = strArr[2]; //passwrd
    // sendStr = SqlCommands.RegisterUser("users",strArr[1], "passwrd");//works fine
    sendStr = SqlCommands.RegisterUser("users",strArr[1], strArr[2]); // doesn't work

returns message like that:

INSERT INTO users(mail, password) VALUES ('nipercop','passwrd

Lost end of the string " ') ". No errors, no warnings, no anything. I tried change encoding to ASCII on server, on client, but no effect.

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strArr[2] gives you which value? –  Messi Apr 29 at 7:12
I agree with @AngryTiger, there is a chance your string contains something it shouldn't (i.e. might need String.Trim()ing. Also the example RegisterUser() method you posted takes 3 parameters, your example usage calls it using only 2 - is there another overloaded method? –  Alex.Ritna Apr 29 at 7:24
Oh sorry guys, i corrected the code. –  nipercop Apr 29 at 7:50
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Try using string.Format:

string.Format(@"INSERT INTO {0}(login, password) VALUES ('{1}','{2}');", table, l, p);

Though ideally you should be using prepared SQL statements. The reason being is any of the values you insert could contain unexpected values, which leaves your code vulnerable to SQL injection and a plethora of other bad things.

For example if strArr[2] would contain " here, it'd cut off the query and result in an error. As it stands, your code doesn't account for that while seemingly accepting input from a remote socket. That's something you may want to revise.

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The problem is was reading strings from the buffer.

Encoding.UTF8.GetString(connection.Buffer,0 , bufferLength);

Because the buffer length was (for example) 1024 bytes, and my last variable was length of the remainder of the length of the other variables, ie contained a empty symbols (spaces). Fail.

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