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When reverse engineering a column in an Oracle view with data type "NUMBER", the resultant column in *.hbm.xml is a big_decimal with precision="0".

I also use these mapping files with Derby to do acceptance tests, but from the Derby docs:

The precision must be between 1 and 31.

I do not have control over the definition of the view. I read through the reverse engineering docs and I can't see a way of controlling the precision.

How do I instruct hibernate to give me a valid (derby) precision?

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you should modify hibernate.reveng.xml as example below with your needs (precision,scale) and set output type (hibernate-type) then generate classess and mapping files.

           <sql-type jdbc-type="NUMERIC" precision="1" scale="0" hibernate-type="boolean"/>
           <sql-type jdbc-type="NUMERIC" precision="22" scale="0" hibernate-type="long"/>  
           <sql-type jdbc-type="OTHER" hibernate-type="..."/>
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Setting these type-mappings don't affect the precision and scale values in the generated mapping files (.hbm.xml), but only the hibernate type of the column. Matching a NUMERIC with precision="0" will still result in a column in the .hbm.xml with precision="0". –  Niel de Wet May 8 '14 at 11:40

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