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I need to program a button which sets value when it's clicked. How to write an actionPerformed method to work so?

int a = 0;

void setValue(){
  a = 5;

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
  /*when*/ e.getActionCommand() /*call setValue()*/
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Have you tried anything yet? If so show the code you used to try and accomplish this task. – takendarkk Apr 29 '14 at 9:08
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  JButton button = new JButton(" >> <<");
        //Add action listener to button
        button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
            public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
                a = 5 ;
                System.out.println("You clicked the button");
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Thanks, but I got error in my asd class that "asd is not abstract and does not override abstract method actionPerformed(ActionEvent) in ActionListener" – Zygimantas Apr 29 '14 at 9:29
put @Override ahead actionPerformed method. – user3145373 ツ Apr 29 '14 at 9:30
@Zygimantas : see answer update and tell me is it solved or not ? – user3145373 ツ Apr 29 '14 at 9:31
Thanks again!:) – Zygimantas Apr 29 '14 at 9:36
If your problem is solved then accept the answer so other people don't visit your solved question. – user3145373 ツ Apr 29 '14 at 9:37

Make a button and then add ActionListener to it like this

private static JButton btn;
private statin int a;
btn = new JButton();
int a = 0;
btn.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent arg0) {
    a = 15;
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