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I have Durandal SPA which uses url.config.js file among different views. Bunch of urls to services are stored there.

Code for clarity:

define([], function () { 
    var serviceBaseUrl = 'http://localhost/Service/api/';
    var portalPortalUrl = 'http://localhost/Portal';

And whenever I need to deploy my app, or run it with different IIS settings, I need to manually change this urls in code.

What I want:

To store them in Web.config file so I can have different configuration for debug and release modes.

I am using MVC 5 Razor views only for rendering bundles and initial content, all client side logic placed in Durandal folder.

I have only found solutions using ASP.NET ConfigurationManager like so:

 function ReadConfigurationSettings()
     var k = '<%=ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["var1"].ToString() %>'

Or, for Razor:


It's cool, but not my way. Maybe it's possible to auto generate my urls.config.js file based on Web.config keys? Thank you in advance.

If needed, here is my project structure:

- App //Durandal SPA 
- Controllers 
- Views //Only render initial view 
- Web.config
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You can use JavaScriptResult

Sends JavaScript content to the response.

Code, Controller Action method

public JavaScriptResult Config()
    var script = string.Format(@"var configServiceBaseUrl = {0};", ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["var1"]);
    return JavaScript(script);

In the page header(I would load the file first), You can define:

<script type="text/javascript" src='@Url.Action("Config", "Controller")'></script>

Now configServiceBaseUrl is Global JavaScript variable which you can use anywhere.

So you can use configServiceBaseUrl in url.config.js like

define([], function () { 
    var serviceBaseUrl = configServiceBaseUrl;
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