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I am news to heroku pg. What I am doing here is I have written a scrapy crawler which runs without any errors. Problem is I want to put all the scraped data into my heroku postgres database. For doing that I somewhat followed this tutorial

When I run crawler on my local machne using scrapy crawl spidername it runs successfull but scraped data is not inserted neither any table is created on heroku database. I dont even get any errors on local terminal. this is what my code is...

BOT_NAME = 'crawlerconnectdatabase'

SPIDER_MODULES = ['crawlerconnectdatabase.spiders']
NEWSPIDER_MODULE = 'crawlerconnectdatabase.spiders'

DATABASE = {'drivername': 'postgres',
        'host': '',
        'port': '5432',
        'username': 'dtxwjcycsaweyu',
        'password': '***',
        'database': 'ddcir2p1u2vk07'}

from scrapy.item import Item, Field

class CrawlerconnectdatabaseItem(Item):
    name = Field()
    url = Field()
    title = Field()
    link = Field()
    page_title = Field()
    desc_link = Field()
    body = Field()
    news_headline = Field()

from sqlalchemy import create_engine, Column, Integer, String
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declarative_base
from sqlalchemy.engine.url import URL
import settings

DeclarativeBase = declarative_base()

def db_connect():

    return create_engine(URL(**settings.DATABASE))

def create_deals_table(engine):


class Deals(DeclarativeBase):
"""Sqlalchemy deals model"""
    __tablename__ = "news_data"

    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
    body = Column('body', String)

from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker
from models import Deals, db_connect, create_deals_table

class CrawlerconnectdatabasePipeline(object):

    def __init__(self):
        engine = db_connect()
        self.Session = sessionmaker(bind=engine)

    def process_item(self, item, spider):
        session = self.Session()
        deal = Deals(**item)


        return item


code for scrapy spider you will find it here

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you need to add the ITEM_PIPELINES = {'crawlerconnectdatabase.pipelines.CrawlerconnectdatabasePipeline': 300,} to your

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ok I will try that.... – y. dixit May 5 '14 at 12:25

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