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Is it possible to generate custom init method automatically from Xcode, as Android Studio does for android? I mean, if I declare some properties in .h, for example: int a; int b;

So, I would like to create automatically a init method as:

- (id)initWithA:(int) aInner andB:(int) bInner
     a = aInner;
     b = bInner;
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Yo can create a snippet. You need to play with it a bit, create nice blue placeholders where relevant but most importantly, attach a keyboard shortcut to it. For example "initx"

Then you just start to type the shortcut in line where you want the initialiser to be and voila, you have your custom init.

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Type init in the implementation file and press enter :)

enter image description here

or you can create your custom snippet by creating one instance of your custom init code, selecting the code and dragging it into the code snippets library. Beautifully explained here.

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@javier-roberto Let me know if this is what you need –  damirstuhec Apr 29 '14 at 12:07
No, what I want is just create the attributes, and does nothing else, just something like Generate - Constructor - Choice which atributes and that's all. The same for the getters and setters. –  Javier Roberto Sep 18 '14 at 14:06
@JavierRoberto So if I understand you correctly, you want a shortcut to generate a custom constructor for a class with all instance properties included? –  damirstuhec Sep 18 '14 at 21:37
that it is what I want. –  Javier Roberto Sep 24 '14 at 9:05

Yes you can initialise an class by custom init method or you can pass parameter when you want to initialise class with custom init method


Define in your class.h file

 @interface CustomView : UIView 
   - (id)initWithA:(int) aInner andB:(int) bInner

In .m file implement initWithStringMethod.

 - (id)initWithA:(int) aInner andB:(int) bInner
        if((self = [super init]))

        return self;

initialised class from other class or viewController

 CustomView *cv = [[CustomView alloc] initWithA:5 andB:10 ];
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The OP said "generate custom initialiser automatically by Xcode". Where in your suggestions is automatic generation? Your example is a manual (by hand) implementation. –  Earl Grey Feb 1 at 1:40

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