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This may be super easy to solve but I can't find the correct "google search term" and I've got tons of pages and none with the answer I'm looking for.

Does anyone knows or has a list of the available features of java as a language?

For instance.

  • Define classes:

    class Employee { 
  • Define attributes

    private String name;
  • Methods:

    public void hello() {
  • Class methods

    public static void main(){} 
  • Generics

    private List<String>  = .... 
  • Statements
  • Assignments
  • Declarations
  • Inner classes
  • operators
  • control flow
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.

I'm looking something more like a cheat-sheet than a full tutorial. I know most of these features, but sometimes I would like to have something at hand where I can look at and say: "Oh yes, this is the way ternary operator is used in java"

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Doh!.. I found while asking my question that the google term I was looking for was "cheat-sheet" :) :) I'm leaving the question open just to provide easy rep points :P –  OscarRyz Feb 25 '10 at 17:38

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You have the Java Language Specification.

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Check out this site:


Hello, World.

alt text

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I have to mention DZone's core java (because it is quite good and it is not on the first page of a 'java cheat sheet' search :) ).

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Check out this MindProd compilation. It looks like exactly the kind of document you are looking for.

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Yeap, acutally my problem is I have to filter between all these results to see which is better. For instance while this you sent is very good, it lacks some features ( it has it but in other page ) +1 for the finding –  OscarRyz Feb 25 '10 at 17:55

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