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I'm new to using ruby and watir and learning it as i go.

I'm trying to select an entry in a selection box using the select_list method but keep getting

'undefined method 'select_list' for #selenium::webdriver. <NoMethodError>

the line of code I'm using to make the selection is

browser.select_list(:name, "linkType").set("Content Page")

and I've also tried

browser.select_list(:name, "linkType").select("Content Page")

The site code i'm looking to call from is

<select name="linkType" size="4">
<option value="Content Page">Content Page</option>
<option value="Preset Page">Preset Page</option>
<option value="Form">Form</option>

I'm probably missing something simple, but this is my first time working with ruby/watir/selenium.So any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It might be problem with browser, Which browser are you using? –  Test Apr 30 '14 at 7:44

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I can think of two possible reasons for the exception.

Browser is the wrong type

Based on the exception, it is saying that browser is a Selenium::Webdriver object. To use the select_list method you need a Watir::Browser (or Watir::Element) object.

I am guessing that somewhere you have the line:

browser = Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox

This is creating a Selenium browser/driver instead of a Watir browser. You want to do:

browser = Watir::Browser.new :firefox

Using incorrect version of Watir

Based on the title of the question, you are trying to use Watir 2.0 and Selenium-Webdriver. These are not compatible with each other. Watir 2.0, which is now Watir-Classic, does not use Selenium-Webdriver at all.

If you want to use Selenium-Webdriver with a Watir API (ie methods like select_list), you need to use the Watir-Webdriver gem.

In other words, the top of your script would have:

require 'watir-webdriver'
browser = Watir::Browser.new :ff

Or, if you have the Watir meta gem installed, using any browser other than IE would cause the Watir-Webdriver gem to load:

require 'watir'
browser = Watir::Browser.new :ff
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thanks, funnily enough, i was looking around for more help and started using require 'watir-webdriver' and got it working, but thanks for the help. Now trying to create classes variables so moving forward, but only slowly –  Cantorion May 2 '14 at 10:54

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