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I've got a few csh scripts where I need to check that certain environment variables are set before I start doing stuff, so I do this sort of thing:

if ! $?STATE then
    echo "Need to set STATE"
    exit 1

if ! $?DEST then
    echo "Need to set DEST"
    exit 1

which is a lot of typing. Is there a more elegant idiom for checking whether or not an environment variable is already set?


  • This question is quite similar, but specifically asks about solutions in bash.
  • I'm not looking for people to advise me to stay away from csh because it's cursed, scary, or bash is better. I'm specifically interested in a more elegant solution than what I'm using now.
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I think the way you're doing it (an if statement with a condition using the $?VAR syntax, which evaluates to 1 if the variable is set, and 0 otherwise) is probably the most idiomatic csh construct that does what you want.

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