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SO, I've been messing around with the Windows Speech Recognition feature in Windows 8. I've created at least 50 macros or so with single commands that make the computer do something and then say something back to me. However, I would like to go a step further. I want to be able to say something that triggers a macro, then have the computer say something back to me (such as a question) and then wait for a specific response. Such as:

ME: Open up some Notepad instances. (listenFor)

COMPUTER: Yes, Tanner. How many Notepad instances shall I open?

ME: Two.

COMPUTER: Opening two instances of Notepad.

or Something more simple:

ME: Computer, close all windows. (listenFor)

COMPUTER: Are you sure, Tanner?

ME: Yes.

COMPUTER: Closing all windows. or something like that.

I was thinking I could use some sort of If Then Else decision structure, but I don't know how to do that. I tried just adding a second but the macros only allow for one listenFor trigger...

Is there any way to accomplish this?

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