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I have some data in my database on the server. I have 2 options to get required data from server:

  1. Entity Framework automatic generated queries
  2. Using stored procedure in EF.

Which option is better?!

Suppose that required data is some determined rows of a table that has a routine query with a single input parameter. For example suppose this query:

FROM MyTable 
WHERE someColumn = inputParameterValue

What's your suggestion? Writing a SP and call it via EF or writing a c# query so that EF automatically generates required query?!

Thanks for attention!

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EF is of very less use if you don't write query in c#. But.. Always be profiling and write SP whenever explicitly needed. –  gaurav Apr 29 at 12:28
What are your requirements? –  L-Three Apr 29 at 12:29
Do you already have those stored procedures? If not, and if your queries are really mostly this simple - just use EF, it's perfect for this. It's fast to use, developer productivity is high, and it works just fine with SQL Server (using parametrized queries, it's safe from SQL injection and performance should be comparable to using hand-written stored procedures on the SQL Server side) –  marc_s Apr 29 at 12:57
@Mark_s thanks a lot! Withdrawing the develop cost, which way is better? which way has better performance and more safe? execution and response time in which one is lower? –  Merta Apr 30 at 3:51

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There are other considerations, not just performance. You might like to ask what fits in better with your coding style of standards.

A couple of things I'd do would be:

1) profile the sproc and the EF call use SQL/Persistance medium profiler.

2) maybe inspect the LINQ emitted by the LINQ to EF provider, using LinqPAD for example (or - its only just occured to me to look at the SQL when debugging your solution on the context call). And then make a judgement call.

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Thanks @brumSource but my goal of above question is general comparison and I haven't just one case study to profile –  Merta Apr 30 at 3:55

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