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I have to test a number of web-services. The web-services have a restriction that they can only be invoked from a certain IP address. Currently that IP address is that of our remote web-server and it is not possible to change this. Due to that restriction I cannot directly test the web-services on my local machine. Every time I need to run a suite of tests, I have to upload the code online and then test.

Is there a way to create an SSH tunnel using Putty/PLink (not Cygwin/SSH) such that web-services I invoke on my local computer are forwarded to the remote web-server IP address? If yes, what command-line parameters need to be passed? An SSH server is already running on the web-server and I have full access to it.

I tried:

plink.exe ssh_user@remotewebserver -P 22 -L 1234:localhost:80 -pw ssh_user_password

and after this I could access the remote server's default website by putting localhost:1234 in my browser. But invoking the web-services using localhost:1234 as a proxy do not work (return 'Access Denied').

(I use the Storm IDE (Adarna release) from CodePlex to do the testing. I would appreciate if the answer includes configuration steps to run tests on this as well. This IDE has a proxy option which might be useful for port-forwarding :)

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