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I have a delay activity with an interval set to 1 day. For some reason the workflow Timer is not activating the workflow once the time has elapsed.

I have installed the SharePoint infrastructure update, but it did not resolve the issue.

The workflow is also set to listen for an item change event, if I change the item after the delay interval the delay is activated. Any thoughts?

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Depending on the number of items you are using delays on...this may help:

Delay activity not always waking in Sharepoint 2010 workflow

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I had this experience as well, and got confused about what the problem is. For me, it turned out to be this, which has a hotfix:;en-us;932394

I don't think this would have been included in the SharePoint infrastructure update, as this is a problem with the .NET Framework and Windows Workflow Foundation rather than SharePoint specifically.

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