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This is the database schema:

   CREATE TABLE `bookings` (
      `id` int(2) NOT NULL,
      `start` time NOT NULL,
      `end` time NOT NULL

    INSERT INTO `bookings` VALUES(1, '13:00:00', '14:30:00');
    INSERT INTO `bookings` VALUES(2, '15:00:00', '16:00:00');

I tried to run the following query, to find the free times between '10:00:00' AND '18:00:00':

SELECT free_from, free_until
FROM (SELECT a.end AS free_from,
             (SELECT MIN(c.start)
              FROM bookings c
              WHERE c.start>a.end
             ) as free_until
      FROM bookings a
                        FROM bookings b
                        WHERE b.start BETWEEN a.end AND a.end + 1
                       ) AND
            a.end BETWEEN '10:00:00' AND '18:00:00'
     ) t

The output generated is:

free_from   free_until
14:30:00    15:00:00
16:00:00    NULL

Why is there a NULL in the end? Please help me solve this problem. Expected output should be:

free_from   free_until
10:00:00    13:00:00
14:30:00    15:00:00
16:00:00    18:00:00
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Something to think about...

SELECT NULL id,NULL start, '09:59:59' end
SELECT * FROM bookings
SELECT NULL,'18:00:01',NULL;
| id   | start    | end      |
| NULL | NULL     | 09:59:59 |
|    1 | 13:00:00 | 14:30:00 |
|    2 | 15:00:00 | 16:00:00 |
| NULL | 18:00:01 | NULL     |
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the output here is the start and end times. however I need the free times, as shown in the expected output – Nitin Tolani Apr 29 '14 at 13:48
Well, you have all you need to know in this answer. If it still isn't clear to you, you have null in your solution because you can't select what isn't there. Therefore you have to create it. Upvoted for the "teaching to fish" rather than the "feeding" attitude :) – fancyPants Apr 29 '14 at 13:53

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