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I am using the System.Data PerfomanceCounter class, and I have found some very specific examples of how to retrieve disk space or CPU usage.

However I am unable to find the documentation on the possible values for:


I can see from the class the different parameters I can pass to the constructor, but even going to the page for say CategoryName does not give me a list of available values.

Can anyone offer and advice on how to find available values for these?


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Those can be obtained from the PerformanceCounterCategory class:

PerformanceCounterCategory[] categories = PerformanceCounterCategory.GetCategories();
foreach(var category in categories)
    string[] instanceNames = category.GetInstanceNames();
    foreach(string instanceName in instanceNames)
        PerformanceCounter[] counters = category.GetCounters(instanceName);
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Wow, there are a lot of categories, I guess I need to reword my question a bit. Also it keeps crashing on me saying things like DllHost/1 does not exist in current context. So I have yet to retrieve a full list! – sec_goat Apr 29 '14 at 14:50
Note that you can use standard Linq queries on the array of categories to filter it down. – D Stanley Apr 29 '14 at 14:51
Can anyone post a list on the web? – Patrick Szalapski Sep 10 '14 at 3:55

Here is some code that can be modified to get the counters that you desire(there are way too many to post).

All Categories will be outputted but the counters will only be outputted for the desired categories.

    private static void PrintPerformanceCounterParameters()
        var sb = new StringBuilder();
        PerformanceCounterCategory[] categories = PerformanceCounterCategory.GetCategories();

        var desiredCategories = new HashSet<string> {"Process", "Memory"};

        foreach (var category in categories)
            sb.AppendLine("Category: " + category.CategoryName);
            if (desiredCategories.Contains(category.CategoryName))
                PerformanceCounter[] counters;
                    counters = category.GetCounters("devenv");
                catch (Exception)
                    counters = category.GetCounters();

                foreach (var counter in counters)
                    sb.AppendLine(counter.CounterName + ": " + counter.CounterHelp);
        File.WriteAllText(@"C:\performanceCounters.txt", sb.ToString());
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