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Im trying to get source files from VSS using Maven.

But when I execute command

mvn -DvssDirectory="C:\Program Files\VisualSourceSafe\win32" scm:update

the log goes to

[INFO] [scm:update {execution: default-cli}] [INFO] Executing: cmd.exe /X /C ""C:\Program Files\VisualSourceSafe\win32\ss" Get $/TEST -R -I- -GWS" [INFO] Working directory: C:\temp\test

and then nothing happens. No error, no success.

Can someone advice how to proceed with downloading sources from VSS?

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Try running mvn with the -X tag (to enable the debugging output) and see if you can figure out where it is getting stuck. Perhaps VSS is waiting for your credentials or something?

Doublecheck the documentation for using the VSS SCM plugin to make sure you aren't missing any properties. If you think you are finding a bug, try reporting an issue at

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I wonder if the double quotes are not interfering here. Maybe try to use the "short path name" instead:

mvn -DvssDirectory=C:\Progra~1\Visual~1\win32 scm:update

Or use the provider configuration file $user.home/.scm/vss-settings.xml:

    <vssDirectory>C:\Program Files\VisualSourceSafe\win32</vssDirectory>

And try again.

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