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I am trying to rename a file in S3 Bucket. Here is a code snippet

    S3Object s3Obj  = getS3Client().getObject(new GetObjectRequest(getBucketName(), fileName));  
//Error in Above Line itself            
    getS3Client().putObject(getBucketName(), newFileName, s3Obj.getObjectContent(), s3Obj.getObjectMetadata());

private AmazonS3 getS3Client(){
        AWSCredentials myCredentials = new BasicAWSCredentials(AccessKey,SecretKey);
        AmazonS3 s3client = new AmazonS3Client(myCredentials);
        return s3client;

So, I am getting this error,

DEBUG [main] request.handleErrorResponse(748) | Received error response: com.amazonaws.services.s3.model.AmazonS3Exception: Status Code: 403, AWS Service: null, AWS Request ID: AD2F31F1133A650E, AWS Error Code: AccessDenied.

I am unable to get the s3object itself. Any suggestions or ideas how I will get S3 Object and rename it. Thanks in Anticipation for you help.

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possible duplicate of Amazon S3 boto: How do you rename a file in a bucket? –  Marc B Apr 29 '14 at 14:56
Thanks. I changed to getS3Client().copyObject(getBucketName(), oldPhotoName, getBucketName(), "vignesh"); But now also I am getting same error. Status Code: 403, AWS Service: Amazon S3, AWS Request ID: 874B8E8905B026CC, AWS Error Code: AccessDenied, AWS Error Message: Access Denied Can you please help. –  Vignesh Gopalakrishnan Apr 29 '14 at 17:25

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