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I'd be happy someone could give a bit more information on building/installing libraries for a compete newbie.. The FANN library installation file doesn't help much. I found a bit more explanation here: https://github.com/orso82/python-fann/blob/master/INSTALL

Still not enough.. First, I can't get what the "INSTALLING USING MAKE (preferred)" means.. I know I could run such $ I guess on cygwin, but I don't have one, so I used the second option 'INSTALLING USING DISTUTILS', which leads to errors. Solving the error that the setup.py file is not found, I changed the directory to where I unpacked the downloaded file - direct under where the python.exe is. And though the install started running, it could not manage to find my python include folder and so the built library doesn't work.

I though it might be a problem that my python2.7 was built because of ArcGIS instalation and so the python.exe file is under C:/Python27/ArcGIS10.1/.. or maybe not.

An original FANN pages says, that 'FANN includes prebuilt DLL and LIB', but I can't find files within fann-2.1.0 with such extensions, nor I know what shall I do with it.

Could someone suggest anything, or has a prebuilt library that could share for python27 win32 (due to arcgis)?

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