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I have 3 branches: A, B, C

Usualy when i am to update my Origin I go to Master, merge the branch I've finished, and push.

Now, I had branch A, work, done. Went to branch B, merged A, work, done. Went to branch C, merged B, work, done.

If i go to master and merge C and push to origin, can I delete already A, B and C ?

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yes, once you merged c to Master, you can delete a,b,c as final code will be on Master. However, it doesn't cost you to keep these branches, if you would decide to roll back to some point.

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Well, it sounds like you can. If you want to be sure, you can delete the branch with the -d (small "d") option:

$ git branch -d $BRANCH

If all the commits in $BRANCH haven't been merged into master, you'll get an error that you can't delete the branch unless you use the -D (big "D") option.

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