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I'm getting started with XCTest and only see bits and pieces of what is possible.

I know these functions:


There is documentation in at "Unit Test Your App" https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/ToolsLanguages/Conceptual/Xcode_Overview/UnitTestYourApp/UnitTestYourApp.html

Also, I see the header file XCTestAssertions.h and some webpage here is http://iosunittesting.com/xctest-assertions/ and another at http://appleprogramming.com/blog/2013/12/26/xctest-assertions-documentation/

But is there primary and reliable current documentation for these functions?

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The names of the macros state exactly what they are for. For example the test XCTAssertNil(a1, format…) fails if a1 != nil. Actually the last link you posted explains the macros and what they are testing. –  dasdom Apr 29 at 17:14
Yes, but it is not is not a primary resource and I can't be sure it is complete. –  Full Decent May 7 at 14:57
Why do you need a complete list. If it fits your needs, use it. Maybe Kiwi or OCHamcrest is what you are searching for. They are documented. –  dasdom May 8 at 4:42

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