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Okay. I'm stumped.

I have a command that loads data from a CSV file and creates some models (geodjango models if that matters), like so:

# How many we will store at a time
batch_size = 250

# parse the file and create the model instances (without saving)
names = []
locations = []
for row in file_reader:
    name = row[0]

    location_obj = Location(name=row[0], longlat=row[1])

# Get a list of names that are already in the database
current_names = Location.objects.filter(
    name__in=names).values_list('name', flat=True)

for loc_objs in izip(*[locations] * batch_size):
    loc_objs = [l for l in loc_objs if l.name not in current_names]

    except IntegrityError as e:

There's a unique index on name. With the above I get an integrity error for EVERY SINGLE DAMN ROW.

I checked and none of these names exist in the database, it still threw the error.

I deleted every row through shell, it still threw the error.

I made absolutely sure it was deleted and did it through psql. Yep, still threw it.

I reindexed the index through psql. ERROR

I reindexed the table through psql. I HATE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

Short of sacrificing a goat the next full moon and hoping a benevolent ,albeit bloodthirsty, deity smiles down upon my sacrifice, I have no idea what to do next. Set the database on fire and order a new one? Have my code exorcised?

If anyone can help with this, or recommend a good, remote place where I can go and live as a hermit after giving up on technology, I would be eternally grateful.

EDIT: I should point out. I have checked the file itself for duplicates and it doesn't have any. So they aren't coming from within a single batch (if that's possible)

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What does row[0] print out? –  sdolan Apr 29 at 16:21
@sdolan row[0] prints the name value from that row of the CSV file. I just checked the output and it is correct (all unique 3-8 length alphanumeric strings) –  Tom Dickin Apr 29 at 16:26
Huh, someone voted to close this based on it being 'primarily opinion based'. I suppose it could be argued that the database and I were having a difference of opinion... Just realised the question contains the words 'recommend a good' I'm guessing someone has scripted a close vote bot. –  Tom Dickin Apr 29 at 17:45

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Well, turns out I am a complete imbecile.

My last edit made me think... huh duplicates within the batch.

The file itself didn't contain any duplicates but this sneaky b*****d of a typo:

for loc_objs in izip(*[locations] * batch_size):
    print 'blah'

was helpfully creating duplicates for me.

It SHOULD have been:

for loc_objs in izip(*[iter(locations)] * batch_size):
        print 'blah'

Notice the iter() around locations.

If anyone is after cheap goat, get in touch. I've got one going spare.

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ha, ha, ha. I am a Python and Postgis lover and my father keeps goats, so this had me giggling into my morning coffee. Glad you found the problem. –  John Barça Apr 30 at 7:37

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