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i need to make this image zoom script, into a onmouseover with a smooth zoom into/out of a large background image, that upon mouseover of either the +/- input buttons, swaps yet another image, elsewhere on the page to a different image (i don't mean the onmouseover button image changes but rather another image, elsewhere on the page). so that's like 3 things happening from the simple action of mousing in or out of either the + or - buttons for the zoom.

the problem is, i can find bits and pieces of all these things on the web, but never at the same time (nor even 2 at the same time). one of the issues is many of the smooth zooms try to zoom into the upper left hand corner instead of the center of the image, whereas the ones that zoom into the center are onclick which makes the zoom very clunky for my purposes. here's the script i'm trying to tweak

#thediv {
margin:0 auto;

img {
position: relative;
left: 30%;
top: 30%;


<div id="thediv">

<img id="pic" src="mypic.jpg"/ width="90%">

<input type="image" src="down.png" width="17%" onclick="zoom(0.9)"/ >
<input type="image" src="up.png" width="17%" onclick="zoom(1.3)"/></div>

woops forgot this part

window.onload = function(){zoom(1)}

function zoom(zm) {
    img.style.marginLeft = -(img.width/2) + "px";
    img.style.marginTop = -(img.height/2) + "px";

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i've been looking at another problem with this as well. the image swap by input button onclick appears to use a window onload event, the same as the zoom script does. correct me if i'm wrong but is it even possible to have 2 window onload events at the same time? –  user3586089 May 1 at 12:52

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