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I have an assortment of test cases that I want to run. The dumbed-down code is like this:

class TestCase
    def initialize(caseName)
        name = caseName
        ...a bunch more code...

@TC001 = new TestCase("Case 1")
@TC002 = new TestCase("Case 2")
@TC100 = new TestCase("Case 100")

Then I'm trying to pass in to the command line which test cases I need to run this time. The Runner file looks something like:

testCaseArray = Array.new
i = 0
while i < ARGV.length
    testCaseArray < ARGV[i]
    i += 1

    myArray.each do |thisCase|
        puts thisCase.name


So then when I go to the command line and enter:

ruby Runner.rb @TC027 @TC030 @TC075

I get an error because it's not recognizing @TC027 as a variable but is instead recognizing it as a string, and (string).name isn't valid.

How do I get it to read the string as a variable?

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Incidentally, that while-loop is equivalent to testCaseArray = ARGV.dup. –  Chuck Apr 29 at 17:36

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You can look up an instance variable named by a string with instance_variable_get.

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I tried changing "testCaseArray << ARGV[i]" to "testCaseArray << instance_variable_get(ARGV[i])" but now it's reading it as a nil. –  Leelluu Apr 29 at 17:50
@Leelluu: That would imply that the instance variable is not defined in the context where that code appears. If you stick puts @TC002 or whatever in the same place, does that output anything? –  Chuck Apr 29 at 17:53
No, it puts a blank. –  Leelluu Apr 29 at 17:53
@Leelluu: Then those instance variables aren't defined on whatever object is running that code. –  Chuck Apr 29 at 17:54
Aha! I moved where I was using instance_variable_get to the initial call, and that worked. Thanks for all your help! –  Leelluu Apr 29 at 18:05

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