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I have a website for an internet radio station that I've written in Python/Django. One of the features I would like to incorporate into the website is the ability to tell when a DJ is connected to the shoutcast server. Our shoutcast host (VosCast) provides us with a PHP script (download) that gets the statistics using a socket. When I tried to duplicate the code in Python I can't seem to get it to connect or display anything like it does in the PHP script.

import socket

server_ip = "s9.voscast.com"
server_port = 8426      
server_pass = "PASSWORD"

message = '''
GET /admin.cgi?pass=%s&mode=viewxml&sid=1 HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Mozilla

''' % server_pass

s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.connect((server_ip, server_port,))
print s.recv(100)


Could any of you tell me why this particular piece of code returns a blank server response? When I send the same request using Telnet, I do get the response that I'm looking for, so I have a feeling that there is some aspect of python that I am missing.

Python: 2.7.3 Shoutcast DNAS: 1.9.8

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Your HTTP request looks fine, but I'm no Python guy so I can't tell you why it isn't working. However, why are you doing this with sockets at all? You can use whatever standard HTTP client you want for the admin pages on a SHOUTcast server. Also, it appears that you are not encoding your password for the URL, which you might need to do if your password includes any reserved characters. –  Brad Apr 30 at 12:46

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