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I'm playing around with Ruby and trying create a little bank account program. When I run this particular line of code which is running withing the create_account:

unless @response.is_a? Integer && @response.to_str.length == 4
    puts "Your response must be 4 numbers in length."
    @pin = @response
    puts "Your pin has been set."

I get this response:

bank_account.rb:24:in 'is_a?':class or module required (TypeError)
    from bank_account.rb:24:in 'create_account'
    from bank_account.rb:47:in '<main>'

I can't exactly figure out what's going on, but I'm including the rest of my code. It's incomplete, obviously because I'm stuck on this part. I go through a while loop and enter 'Create Account' to start the create_account method. My goal is to run the conditional and require the user to type a 4 digit integer, like any ole pin number. If it is not an integer nor 4 digits in length, I call the create_account method to get them to start over.

I'm running ruby 2.0.0 if that information is necessary, but I wager it is likely more to do with my code. Stackoverflow is new to me, so I apologize if this question has been asked. I tried to do my homework as is advised before asking a question, but I'm still stumped. Any help is appreciated.

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You need to put the class Integer in parentheses:

unless @response.is_a?(Integer) && @response.to_str.length == 4

You are actually evaulating is_a? on (Integer && @response.to_str.length == 4) which is a boolean value, not a class or module.

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I did not realize that it was including the entire second half of the conditional if I didn't specifically put the class in parentheses. Thank you. I still can't get it to accept something that's four numbers in length for some reason, but one problem at a time. –  Mark H Jr Apr 30 '14 at 1:24
@MarkHJr, if @response is indeed an Integer, then you can't call to_str on it, only to_s. When I try your test in the console with value 454524 I get this message: NoMethodError: undefined method to_str' for 454524:Fixnum`. –  maurice May 14 at 18:53
good answer and explanation! Solved my problem real fast when it could have taken much longer. +1 –  La-comadreja May 15 at 21:50

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