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So I'm trying to add a "like" function to some blog posts by POSTing some JSON through ajax to the MVC api controller.


public class Blog{
  public int ID{get;set;}
  public string Title{get;set;}
  //Some more stuff
  public virtual ICollection<Likes> Likes {get;set;}

public class Likes{
  public int ID{get;set;}
  public string UserName{get;set;}
  //Some more stuff
  public virtual Blog Blog{get;set;}


public void Post(Likes like){

The below return is passed into the JSON.stringify() in the ajax call:

var UserName = "Dave";
//More stuff
var Blog = "????";

return {UserName:UserName, More Stuff, Blog:Blog}

So that last line is my problem I think, what do I pass in for "Blog"? I have tried using the ID of the Blog but it's still null in the controller. It seems the controller wants a full Blog model instead of just the ID, is there a way around this or am I doing something bad?

TLDR I guess is: What to pass to a field that's a public virtual Blog Blog{get;set;} in the model when sending JSON to the controller?

P.S. My code works when I don't include the "Blog" as part of the JSON.

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if you are posting a like then this would probably do the thing

 ID : 789 //ID of the Like
 UserName : "Username",
 Blog : {
   ID : 789 //id of the blog

This way you will have the id of the blog and would be mapped correctly.

But i would advise you make a separate view model of the following structure

public LikeAjax
 public string UserName{get; set;}
 public int BlogId {get; set;}

then send json like below

 UserName : "User Name",
 BlogId : 789
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Thanks, this does set the ID of the Blog in the controller, but it looks like it's just creating a blank Blog with only the ID populated and thus the POST fails the (ModelState.IsValid)? –  Wurd Apr 29 '14 at 19:24
thats why i was advocating for a separate view model –  Parv Sharma Apr 29 '14 at 19:42
Ok great that works, thanks much! –  Wurd Apr 29 '14 at 20:20

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