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I am trying to get the Visual Studio key bindings in Eclipse (4.3.2 but applies to others as well), for use in PyDev. (running under Ubuntu 12.04)

Following this question, I have installed the C++ dev kit and applied the Visual Studio key bindings theme, which works fine, but the key bindings which are most important to me as still missing.

The functionality that I miss so dearly and would like to reproduce, is the whole-line copy and paste which works as follows:

  • With some text selected - normal copy & paste functionality
  • With no text selected - copy = copy whole line on which the cursor is currently. Paste then pastes into a newly created line, i.e. it doesn't just jam it in as text, it creates a new line and neatly places your entire line there (above the line the cursor is on, I think)
  • With no text selected, cut = cut the entire line. Again, paste neatly inserts the line.

Can anyone either suggest a package that provides this functionality, or alternatively explain how to configure the key bindings manually to achieve this, as I have had a look at the manual config and couldn't achieve what I was looking for.

Alternatively, an experienced user saying that Eclipse simply is not capable of replicating this functionality this would also at least put my mind at rest.

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After much searching I found that some amazing person has written a dropin for this. Works perfectly on Ubuntu/Kepler.


Many many thanks to the author!

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