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I've noticed that, when repainting filled SVG paths (due to color/opacity changes triggered by mouse event handlers, for instance), the repaint is sometimes glitchy on Chrome:

Artifact on Chrome

I haven't seen this behavior in Firefox, Opera, or Safari (haven't tested IE yet.)

Any ideas on how to fix this? Some more details: the SVG in question is generated by d3, and makes heavy use of <use>, <clipPath>, and <g transform="...">; the screenshot you see uses CSS opacity rules, but I've seen the same thing from updating the fill color in CSS or JavaScript.

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Can you create a jsBin to duplicate the issue? –  Pablo Navarro Apr 29 at 20:31
If you haven't already, please file a bug with a complete testcase that shows the issue at crbug.com. –  Erik Dahlström Apr 30 at 7:38
@ErikDahlström - haven't done that yet! Thanks for the link; I'll submit a bug report when I find the time to do so :) –  candu Apr 30 at 16:31

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