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I've got a MyGrid.Children UIElementCollection, I would like to find all the Rectangles in it that have there styles set to StyleA, and set them to StyleB.

I'd like to use LINQ if possible, so I can avoid a nasty nested loop.

Something like this pseudocode:

var Recs = from r in MyGrid.Children
                  where r.Style == StyleA && r.GetType() == typeof(Rectangle)
                  select r as Rectangle;


foreach(Rectangle r in Recs)
   r.Style = StyleB;

Can a LINQ guru help me improve my LINQ-fu?

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Your code was almost correct, but UIElements don't have a Style property... You can filter the grid's children based to their type :

var recs = from r in MyGrid.Children.OfType<Rectangle>()
           where r.Style == StyleA
           select r;

foreach(Rectangle r in recs)
   r.Style = StyleB;
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That nailed it. I never noticed OfType before :) Thanks!! –  Kage Feb 26 '10 at 9:41
Brilliant. Was puzzling over how to .Find() on a UIElementCollection and .OfType<>() gives me a nice IEnumerable. Thanks! –  Jon Jan 24 at 17:21
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